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Learn from those who have been there ....

Leverage our expereinced partners and there over 30 years of business, organizational and communications expereience.

It starts with integrity ...

Yes, it is what we value.  Everytime you place your name and reputation in a professional setting, your integrity is on the line.  Learn how important it is from our experts.

Core skill: effective management ...

It is said that good managers don't make great leaders.  We disagree and will show you how your management skills are foundation for your success.

Core skill: communications ...

A visison, and related buy in, needs information to conveyed in a way that brings stakeholders along.  You are not an island, and communications skills are how things get done, build those relationships and leverage them.

Services: Individual or group meetings ...

Refine, or obtain, the core skillls mentioned above and more.  A solid background for the development of you and your organization.

Services: Customized individual or group programs ...

Much more affordable than you may expect.  Contact us for details.

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What we are about ...


LTS is about helping you succeed ...

Leveraging 30 years of expereince, we help our clients to learn what has worked in previous "like" situations, first.  We then customize those strategies for a specific "results driven" focus.  Every situation is unique and we treat it as such.  Be assured that we will be there every step of the way.


"Build it, Prove it, Monetize it …"

A process where LTS listens to the client, forging a collaborative relationship and then taking a both a strategic and tactical approach - offering options that fit specific situations.  We take the time to understand your needs and expectations.


Why not contact us ...

We offer a free, professional, no obligation consultation to discover what we can do for you ... it could make a big difference in the results you hope to achieve.

LTS is about our clients ...


Our team

Consists of  professionals with over 30 years of expereince in finance, business and operations management, engagement strategies, business analysis at firms such as Citigroup, Smith Barney, Travelers, Morgan Stanley and others. 


Our history

Since 2007 LTS has helped small entities with their specific goals and objectives. Using results driven business and operational plans - our ten year plus history has made a difference for our clients in a competitive marketplace.


Our mission

We believe success is about learning what works and what doesn't.  Leveraging core business analysis principles, and real world expereinces, in a comprehensive approach to our clients needs.  We assist many business categories ...... just ask us how we can help you.. 

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